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Organizations are facing increased competition and pressure from stakeholders to deliver high-quality results quickly and cost effectively. We work with clients to understand their issues, goals and objectives, and then develop a strategy to address process optimization and performance concerns.

Joint venture between an airline and private equity firm combined service offerings to create a premier aviation-handling provider.

Learn how RSM leveraged its web of advisors to troubleshoot and helped the carve-out stand up its operations as quickly as possible. Rent the Runway sought to evaluate its current enterprise resource planning ERP environment, as well as its security posture.

Learn how RSM helps a private equity client through a fast-paced carve-out transition needing infrastructure and technology system renewal.

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Contact us by phone Case Studies. Digital Transformation Resource Center. Consulting Careers. The member firms of RSM International collaborate to provide services to global clients, but are separate and distinct legal entities that cannot obligate each other. Each member firm is responsible only for its own acts and omissions, and not those of any other party. Visit rsmus. Coronavirus Tax Issues. Resources Risk Bulletin Technology Bulletin.

Resources Newsletters. Resources Case Studies Events and Webcasts. Automotive Energy. Technology Media and Entertainment Telecommunications. Share email linked in facebook twitter. Management Consulting Case Studies Organizations are facing increased competition and pressure from stakeholders to deliver high-quality results quickly and cost effectively. Case Studies Carve-out prepares aviation-handling provider for takeoff Joint venture between an airline and private equity firm combined service offerings to create a premier aviation-handling provider Global crossteam collaboration beats TSA clock on PE carve-out Learn how RSM leveraged its web of advisors to troubleshoot and helped the carve-out stand up its operations as quickly as possible.

Lakeside Capital boosts visibility, agility efficiency with NetSuite RSM implements cloud-based NetSuite solution for Lakeside Capital, enhancing flexibility, access and reporting speed RSM guides speedy transition for carve-out, on time and under budget Learn how RSM helps a private equity client through a fast-paced carve-out transition needing infrastructure and technology system renewal.In a business environment characterized by greater volatility and more frequent disruptions, companies face a clear imperative: they must transform or fall behind.

Yet most transformation efforts are highly complex initiatives that take years to implement. As a result, most fall short of their intended targets—in value, timing, or both.

What does that look like in the real world? Here are five company examples that show successful transformations, across a range of industries and locations. VF offers a compelling example of a company using a sharp focus on value creation to chart its transformation course. In the early s, VF was a good company with strong management but limited organic growth.

The result was a multiyear transformation comprising four components:. At the same time, profitability has improved substantially, highlighted by a gross margin of 48 percent as of mid A leading consumer-packaged-goods CPG player was struggling to respond to challenging market dynamics, particularly in the value-based segments and at the price points where it was strongest. The near- and medium-term forecasts looked even worse, with likely contractions in sales volume and potentially even in revenues.

A comprehensive transformation effort was needed. To fund the journey, the company looked at several cost-reduction initiatives, including logistics. Previously, the company had worked with a large number of logistics providers, causing it to miss out on scale efficiencies.

To improve, it bundled all transportation spending, across the entire network both inbound to production facilities and out-bound to its various distribution channelsand opened it to bidding through a request-for-proposal process. As a result, the company was able to save 10 percent on logistics in the first 12 months—a very fast gain for what is essentially a commodity service.

Similarly, the company addressed its marketing-agency spending.

Case Studies and Clients

A benchmark analysis revealed that the company had been paying rates well above the market average and getting fewer hours per full-time equivalent each year than the market standard. By getting both rates and hours in line, the company managed to save more than 10 percent on its agency spending—and those savings were immediately reinvested to enable the launch of what became a highly successful brand. Next, the company pivoted to growth mode in order to win in the medium term.

The measure with the biggest impact was pricing. The company operates in a category that is highly segmented across product lines and highly localized. Products that sell well in one region often do poorly in a neighboring state. Accordingly, it sought to de-average its pricing approach across locations, brands, and pack sizes, driving a 2 percent increase in EBIT.

Similarly, it analyzed trade promotion effectiveness by gathering and compiling data on the roughlypromotions that the company had run across channels, locations, brands, and pack sizes. The result was a 2 terabyte database tracking the historical performance of all promotions. Using that information, the company could make smarter decisions about which promotions should be scrapped, which should be tweaked, and which should merit a greater push.

The result was another 2 percent increase in EBIT. Critically, this was a clear capability that the company built up internally, with the objective of continually strengthening its trade-promotion performance over time, and that has continued to pay annual dividends. Finally, the company launched a significant initiative in targeted distribution.

Logical Case Studies / Management Consulting

To improve its distribution, the company leveraged big data to analyze historical sales performance for segments, brands, and individual SKUs within a roughly ten-mile radius of that retail location.

On the basis of that analysis, the company was able to identify the five SKUs likely to sell best that were currently not in a particular store.The principals were mired in a cycle where they would sell, service and then need to start pipe from scratch.

To inject new revenue stream with shorter sales cycle company acquired a smaller practice with entry level solution and sales for that product line also remained flat. Took inbound leads from existing telemarketing partner, qualified, engaged and closed. Lead Generation Outsourcing — Client migrated telemarketing to Gabriel Sales for enterprise deals as entry level product sales transitioned back to business unit.

Outsourced Sales Staffing — Staff a blended team of lead gen rep, inside rep and senior enterprise sales rep to manage the logistics and close of deals.

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The Results. First days Eliminated prior sales processes, which required extensive travel and face to face meetings. Second Days. Internet Marketing Technologies scoped and implemented and blog launched. Nurturing database of 2,plus decision makers created and marketing automation implemented.

Sale collateral digitized in webcast, blog, video and customer testimonials.This project developed growth strategies for a machine tool manufacturer with the world's largest market share, specialized in niche applications. Due to the economic downturn following the Global Financial Crisis, its main business was sluggish. Amid concerns about the future, we helped the company to visualize the overseas markets it should focus on and build an optimal sales system.

In the first phase, we visualized overseas markets and pointed out the issues related to design, development, procurement, and production which the client had not evaluated for many years to capture opportunities.

In the second phase, we narrowed down the list of countries with demand, analyzed what business opportunities exist in each region in detail, and then facilitated the implementation of the supply chain improvements. In the third phase, we developed sales strategies in those countries, formulated strategies for increasing sales for each country, and complied them into an overall growth strategy. Though many of competing machine tool manufacturers utilized overseas markets as their growth driver, the client had not realized significant revenue growth despite several decades of activity in overseas markets.

Our project manager worked as Strategy Promotion Office Manager during the period of the project and led this reform together with the client. Case studies in management consulting A machine tool manufacturer. Business type : Manufacturing — Machine tool manufacturer Number of employees : Approximately 1, employees. Keywords : Management Consulting. Case Studies. Free Word Search Search. We proposed a market opportunity survey in overseas markets and an assessment of problems inhibiting the exploitation of market opportunities, and proposals for solving them.

We assisted the client in identifying countries that were expected to have a demand for machine tools, delve in those regional markets, and implement specific measures for better organizational capacity.

We visited local users in the countries with demand to perform on-site inspections of their potential and manifest needs. We assisted the client in formulating strategies to achieve optimal revenue increases for each country, and to develop a local office and establish a sales system.

Through calculation of the potential benefits, we developed a comprehensive strategy.Cancel my subscriptions. Don't cancel my subscriptions. In order to receive our emails, you must expressly agree. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails. Once you've accepted, then you will be able to choose which emails to receive from each site. A Chinese steel manufacturer systematically transformed its operations to be customer-centric—and in the process, improved its bottom line.

We hear about cybersecurity incidents happening all the time.

Five Case Studies of Transformation Excellence

Most often, we hear about the massive breaches that happen to the biggest of brands. But the truth is that cybersecurity incidents are a threat that can happen to any and every company. Many organizations focus on strengthening emotional intelligence EI of their management staff. While this is important, just as important is strengthening EI of all employees — at all levels, especially those employees who interact with customers. Strong emotional intelligence enables us to avoid or reduce conflicts and to manage through them when they do occur.

This is where case studies come in. Publishing case studies with specific names and numbers is ideal. But, case studies are only one way to build trust through your consulting website. We study and help. Marketing for Consultants Study is a post from: Consulting Success.

case studies management consulting agency management

Do you have a system in place for winning consulting projects? To get consulting clients, you need to generate conversations with the right prospects.

To win the project, he submitted a proposal that was easily accepted because he was the only consultant bidding. When done right, case studies are valuable marketing tools. Therefore, you are likely to come across pricing problems in your case interviews. Pricing Strategy Case Framework. Pricing strategy is one of the easiest levers CEOs can pull to increase revenues in their company.

For instance, retail banks can raise interest rates the price they pay customers for depositing funds at the bank to quickly attract new balances and acquire new customers. The day of the meeting with the marketing group arrived. Sam introduced Alex to the group and told them that Alex was leading the project to update the marketing portal.

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Sam also noted that Alex was interested in [. There is always one in the group — and Sarah had him in hers! Alex was really good at his job, but he was constantly complaining about something. Leadership difficult employees managing complainers managing employees team leadership MORE.

Case Interview GeneralAre there any differences between 2 kinds of interview?

case studies management consulting agency management

Let's explore with us in this article. The case study question is a fundamental portion of any consulting interview. When it comes to evaluating case studiesnone of your other skills really matter. The bad news is that case study questions require a very particular way of thinking. I have been coaching a client around conflict they are having within their project team. It seems that even the smallest issue becomes a big issue in just a matter of minutes!

We are getting [.It recruits individuals to a national donor register and carries out research to help make bone marrow transplants more effective. Their vision is to save and improve the lives of everyone who needs a stem cell transplant.

To succeed in this ambition, […]. Into Film is a national agency working throughout the UK to engage children and young people in film and cinema. Their focus is educational, supporting teachers and educators to achieve a wide range of learning outcomes using film. The programme includes a network of extra-curricular film clubs, resources to use in clubs and in the […]. It rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes hundreds of thousands of animals each year in England and Wales.

The RSPCA also offers advice on caring for all animals, and campaigns to change laws that will protect them, which it enforces through prosecution. But they face the challenge […]. The British Red Cross is a neutral and impartial humanitarian organisation, working both in the UK and overseas, whose mission is to help people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are.

They have an officially recognised support function to the UK Government in humanitarian matters.

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They are part of a global voluntary network — the […]. But they face the opportunity and challenge that funding has been transferred directly to schools to buy the services they want from whoever they want.

This has […]. Find […]. Sight Savers International needed a clearer strategic direction, but any successful strategy would have to truly engage staff across the organisation. The […].

Management consultancy case studies

Amnesty International is the international non-governmental organisation whose mission is to defend human rights worldwide. Established over 40 years it has worldwide reputation for investigating and exposing human right abuses from Rwanda to the former Soviet Union.

With overmembers it is the largest conservation charity in Scotland.

case studies management consulting agency management

It depends for its support on donations, legacies, grants and membership subscriptions. Established in the Trust acts […]. The fundraising department wanted to foster a culture of innovation to boost their income.

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Management consultancy case studies. To succeed in this ambition, […] Read more. Case study: Delivering change at Into Film Into Film is a national agency working throughout the UK to engage children and young people in film and cinema. The programme includes a network of extra-curricular film clubs, resources to use in clubs and in the […] Read more.

But they face the challenge […] Read more. Case study: Evaluation of the tsunami hardship fund for the British Red Cross The British Red Cross is a neutral and impartial humanitarian organisation, working both in the UK and overseas, whose mission is to help people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are.We worked with the SLA to contextualise and develop a tailored project management course.

We are currently delivering the training to 40 internal project staff. Muru are planning and developing a CONEMP to support Gate 0 to Gate 1 activity and demonstrate how the capability will operate, who will be responsible for its operation and how it will be integrated with defence capability. As a result of our analysis and recommendations Muru planned, implemented and are currently managing the Air Force Fuel Safety and Management Improvement Project. This aims to implement a series of integrated changes across Air Force fuel management to reduce the risks associated with handling, transporting, storing and testing fuel.

Muru have a number of industry recognised petroleum supply chain experts with Defence and Industry experience in Australia and overseas.

case studies management consulting agency management

Muru are supporting the Directorate of Environmental Resource Management and Sustainability to develop and document a program strategy and governance framework, undertake procurement planning, develop RFTs, conduct tender evaluations and develop internal staff skills through mentoring and coaching.

The Airworthiness Coordination and Policy Agency has engaged Muru to assist with regulatory component parsing, and regulatory bow tie creation. Any resultant updates are expected to further improve current Flight Operations-related DASR for both regulated entities and regulatory staff, and therefore allow for improved aviation safety outcomes. PBN is an internationally-recognised regulatory framework for implementing area navigation, with an emphasis on the utilisation of Global Navigation Satellite System GNSS technology as opposed to traditional reliance upon fixed ground-based navigation aids which are being phased out.

PBN has potential to provide increased safety, efficiency and environmental benefits through the optimisation of airspace use. Muru Management Consulting are proud to have been selected to to undertake a workplace review within the Burwood Housing office.

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We produced a report and practical recommendations that will allow the Directorate to meet its COAG and stakeholder expectations.

Muru provided SMEC with design report review services. To assess consistency between documents in content and format. We are supporting the withdrawal activities for PC-9 as it retires from service and working with the Commonwealth to transition the replacement PC into service. Once established, Muru will further support No 78 Wing with the maturation of the PC to efficiently and effectively deliver in the Air to Surface Integration role.

Muru assisted Air Force to simplify, streamline and improve Air Force safety management systems across all Air Force Units and locations in order to achieve an enduring reduction in accidents, includes and exposures and foster a generative safety culture. Muru are delighted to once again be working with Team Downer in Defence.

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